We provide a comprehensive and objective view of the costs and benefits offered by pension health institutions. If you are a foreigner working in Chile or an independent worker you are allowed to purchase additional medical coverage . Payments can be deducted automatically from your bank account or credit card

An informed decision

If you need information, do it through us.You need to know how to compare between different health plans that are currently on the market. We will provide you with all the information that you need to make the best informed decision.

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A Smart Choice

All health plans are not the same, so you need professional advice.

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Optimize your benefits

With our advice can more easily find the plan that offers greater benefits for your health quote.

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Free consultation

It will not take more than five minutes

Fill  a form  with the basic personal information and submit it, we will get in contact as soon as possible to offer you an advice without charge.

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Let Us Help You

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Our goal is to offer professional advice with clear and objective information.

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